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How to Keep Employees Happy…and Productive

Posted on: September 20, 2016

Category: Employee Satisfaction

employee satisfactionFrequent employee turnover can cost your company both time and money. Is there a way to avoid the constant need for hiring? The simple answer is: yes. By focusing on employee satisfaction, providing a healthy workplace, and more, you can prevent your place of business from becoming a revolving door for employees.

Employees who are happy at work are less likely to leave their job. And a happy worker is a more productive one. Simply enough, having happy workers means you’ll be doing less hiring.

What can you do to help your company retain employees? Below are five steps you can take to foster a healthy workplace and employee satisfaction.

  1. Communicate effectively
    Don’t leave your employees in the dark. Effective communication between managers and employees puts everyone on the same page, and can create the kind of healthy workplace culture with a free-flow of information.

    Provide employees with memos, newsletters, and other forms of communication to keep them informed on company happenings. After hiring a new worker, make sure he or she is up to speed on the new role.

    Also make sure managers are taking the time to personally talk with team members to check on employee satisfaction. Doing so will give employees a chance to ask needed questions, request support, or clarify anything that isn’t understood.

  2. Build trust
    It’s important to build trust with employees to cultivate a healthy workplace. That way, employees feel respected, and are equally respectful of management. Listen to any disagreements or problems, and take the time to hear what employees are saying. Don’t make snap judgments or lose your cool in tough situations.

    Want to learn more? Read about increasing employee satisfaction through agency partnership.

  3. Praise good deeds
    Offering praise to employees is a great way to not only motivate workers, but empower them as well. Don’t save praise for the end of a project or an employee’s annual review. If a worker does something praiseworthy—no matter how small—let him or her know they’ve done a good job. Offering praise in-person, or even publicly, can also help build strong relations with employees.

    If you have negative feedback for an employee, communicate it as soon as possible. Then, offer praise when the employee provides a fix. When hiring, let candidates know that good deeds don’t go unnoticed. Keep employee satisfaction high by offering the praise your workforce deserves.

  4. Offer incentives
    Incentives are a great way to make employees feel valued and honored for what they do. When you’re hiring, spell out any incentive programs to potential workers.

    Incentives go a long way toward driving employee satisfaction.
  5. Have fun
    A workplace that’s all drudgery and is not a happy or healthy workplace. Inject some fun into your office by encouraging open communication, working lunches, casual dress days, and even team-building exercises or activities.

    Build employee satisfaction by showing that managers care about their workers, and want employees to be happy. When hiring, share this philosophy with candidates. Then follow through, and spread the smiles!

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