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How to Choose Warm-Weather Interview Attire

Posted on: August 1, 2015

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Interview Attire Warm WeatherWouldn’t it be nice if every job interview fell on a cool, dry Carolina day? Unfortunately, the reality is that summer can bring some humid, muggy, and downright miserable weather. So how do you dress to impress in interview attire when it’s so warm out?

It is possible to stay cool while looking professional. Don’t give in to the impulse to dress down when the temps go up. Read on for our tips on warm-weather interview attire.

1. Hot Cool Colors

While black and gray suits are great for cooler temps, consider going for a lighter-colored and lighter-weight suit for a summer interview. Think neutrals, such as light gray, tan, beige, taupe, or for women, white can also work.

Women can also consider wearing a summer season-colored blouse under a suit. Consider coral and peach, light pinks and purples, and mint green or ocean blue. For men, a tie in orange, yellow, or a soft pink can also project the summer season while looking professional and cool.

2. Fabrics That Flow

Fabric choices can also help keep you cool in your interview attire. A linen-blend suit can be light and airy, though beware the wrinkles that come with a 100% linen suit. Silk-linen blends and cotton-linen blends are good choices. For men, khaki-cotton suits, or tropical wool suits, work as well. Short-sleeved dress shirts are not appropriate interview attire, and men should avoid wearing them.

3. Cool Yet Conservative

Men and women might consider ditching a suit jacket for an interview on a really hot day. But remember that doing so will likely cost you professionalism points. Women, don’t go for that low-cut top or shorter skirt to stay cool, or ditch your hosiery. You’ll also want to avoid open-toe shoes. Make sure your dress or skirt is knee-length or longer.

4. Arrive in Style

Thankfully, many offices and job sites are air conditioned which will help once you’re at the interview. But first, you’ll have to arrive cool and collected, not a sweaty mess. To do this, plan to leave extra early so you’ll have time to cool down if you overheat en route. Bring a handkerchief that can be tucked in your briefcase or bag in case you need to dab any sweat on your forehead or neck. Also don’t forget to bring a copy of your resume. Find out how to write an optimal resume by visiting our resume guidelines page.

If you drive to the interview, blast the air conditioning, and hang your suit jacket, or other removable interview attire, until you arrive. Do your homework ahead of time to know what building entrance you’ll use. This will ensure you park as close to the right door as you can, saving you steps in the sun. Those taking public transportation should consider an air-conditioned taxi.

5. Keep Calm and Interview On

Most important, try to stay calm. Stressing out will only exacerbate any extra body heat. Smile, breathe deep, and go get that job!

If you’re looking for more tips, check out our page on interviewing.

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