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Counter Offers – To Accept or Not Accept…That is the Question

Posted on: August 20, 2016

Category: Job Search

counter offersYou’ve decided to leave your job. Whether you’re leaving because you feel your career trajectory has stalled, you’re displeased with the working environment, or have landed a loftier position with another company—congrats! Inform your current employer, and move on. Don’t be tempted to accept counter offers.

Maybe you had every intention of moving on to a new job, but after sharing with your boss your plans to leave, you were offered more money or a promotion. While any counter offers you receive may give you pause, don’t be tempted to stay.

Counter offers are a part of the hiring game you might not have expected to encounter as a job seeker. Here are five reasons to stay the course and not accept counter offers:

  1. Your reputation is at stake
  2. As tempting as counter offers can be, it’s unethical to accept them, and your reputation could suffer. Were you to accept a counter offer and stay at your current job, don’t expect things to remain status quo. Your reputation will likely take a hit, and your coworkers might not see you as a team player anymore.

  3. You could be passed over for promotion
  4. The next time a promotion comes up, your employer might think twice about rewarding you with a meatier role. If you’re seen as a job seeker, your boss might give that promotion or project to another, more loyal worker.

  5. You could be on the chopping block
  6. If your company goes through tough times and needs to scale back its work force, you could be on the chopping block. Your boss knows you were a job seeker and had a foot out the door. You might be the first employee to get a red slip.

  7. Nothing has changed
  8. What led you to be a job seeker in the first place? Whether you were fed up with a stagnant role, or wanted to learn new skills, nothing has changed. By accepting counter offers, you’ll be right back where you started—dissatisfied with your job or wanting another one.
    If the new job you’ve accepted offers a potential for growth, a salary bump, or whatever you were looking for, snap it up and don’t look back. Don’t let counter offers derail your hiring elsewhere.
    If you’re currently looking for a new job, make sure your resume is up to snuff by checking out our resume tips.

  9. You could be out a job
  10. If you tell your boss you’re leaving for another job, it’s possible the counter offers you receive are just a temporary measure. Your boss may want to keep you on—and entice you to stay on with counter offers—but only until he or she can go through the hiring process and find a job seeker to replace you with.

If you receive counter offers, consider why your employer is offering them to you. Of course it’s flattering to receive a counter offer. But don’t let yourself get swept up by counter offers. Let your employer know you appreciate the offer to stay, but you’ve gone through the hiring process elsewhere and are moving on.

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