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Best Career Advice

Posted on: March 18, 2014

Category: Career Advice

Over the years, we’ve given and received sage wisdom and career advice. Are you looking for jobs in Charlotte? As you search for your perfect situation—or work to make your current one better—keep this advice in mind:

1.       Don’t settle for a job you’re not passionate about. It’s more than a means to pay your bills. A job consumes the better part of your life, so don’t get stuck in a position or field you hate. There are always new jobs in Charlotte, or beyond.

2.       Focus on making an impact quickly. The faster you make an impact at your job, the more attention and support you’ll get.

3.       Measure your success and build case studies. Not only will this help support your ask for a promotion or raise, it will help you beef up your resume if or when you look for your next opportunity.

4.       Locate mentors. Whether they’re within your company or just in your circle of friends, scout out individuals who live the type of lifestyle you want. Ask them to mentor you in your quest to get there.

5.       Take risks. Make sure they’re intelligent, but also make sure they’re bold.

6.       Build a network. Surround yourself with smart, resourceful and successful people.

7.       Keep learning. Always, always, always learn something. Keep challenging and pushing yourself to achieve your goals.

What is some of the best career advice you’ve ever received? We’d love to hear about it! Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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