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4 Ways a Staffing Agency Can Help You Prepare for Busy Season

Posted on: December 6, 2016

Category: Accounting & Finance

By Lisa Hildreth, Vice President of Accounting, Finance and Human Resourcesbusy-season

As we approach the end of the year, many schedules fill with parties, baking, shopping and travel. The holidays are a time to spend with family and friends, but they are also a source of stress for finance and accounting professionals.  Right in the middle of the holiday hoopla, their busy season is about to begin.

For companies with a calendar year-end, the pace won’t slow down before spring arrives in mid-March. Ongoing, year-round responsibilities are already enough to keep the internal staff of well-run organizations at capacity. With the increased workload at year-end, businesses large and small often require some level of assistance in order to meet their financial, managerial, regulatory, tax and project-related reporting deadlines.

As unemployment inches downward and seasonal demand peaks, finding the right candidate with the appropriate qualifications during the already hectic end-of-year rush can seem nearly impossible. To alleviate the chaos (and keep the holidays merry), consider hiring a staffing firm that specializes in recruiting accounting and finance candidates. Doing so can save your company time and money.   

Working with a staffing agency offers four key benefits that can streamline the search and hire process, ensuring you get the best candidate to assist your company during your busiest season.

1) Market knowledge

Staffing agencies, especially locally based, specialized firms, have deeper insights into the local job market than companies that service a broader business footprint. They know which skills are in demand, which candidates have them and, out of that pool, which are available on a just-in-time basis to tackle the workload. Often, talent with the most in-demand skillsets is in short supply. Good agencies proactively develop their talent pools ahead of these trends. Further, they have a keen focus on the market pricing employers can expect to pay based on the skills they need. By working with a staffing agency, companies can position themselves to benefit from these insights.

This is especially important at year-end, when the demands on your people are already at their peak. Working with a staffing agency can help companies seeking short-term finance and accounting assistance find the best talent on the market in the most informed manner.

2) Candidate insight

Specialized staffing agencies have a significant advantage in providing year-end accounting and finance candidates. Because busy season workers are hired on a contract basis, they are looking for similar positions year after year. Most build a relationship with the agency they know and trust, continually turning to them for suitable opportunities.

This is invaluable for companies. Relationships forged over time allow agencies to ascertain a broader view of a candidate’s personality, skill set, interests, habits and work ethic that they can then pass on to interested companies. In essence, staffing agencies can serve as another reference to validate the candidate.

3) Time savings

Finding the right candidate takes time. Sifting through resumes, contacting references and scheduling interviews are necessary when searching for a new team member with the skills, experience and personality that complement your current staff. Building the best team is a time and resource commitment that some companies just don’t have around the holidays.

Turning to a staffing agency is a natural solution that will help accelerate the time from interview to hire. By working with a staffing agency, companies will only see those candidates who are pre-screened and meet stringent expectations. Their resumes and references are vetted, and the best agencies interview the candidate face to face before their credentials land on your desk.

4) Industry experience

Staffing agencies should have an understanding of the fields and specialty areas in which they are placing candidates, including accounting and finance. But not all agencies have employees who have actually worked in the accounting field or who have first-hand busy season experience.

Finding an agency that has industry experience is crucial. When a staffing agency has lived and breathed the work you do daily, they can empathize with your needs, fully understanding the exact position you need to fill and better determining who is or is not a qualified candidate.

Busy season is not a time for trial and error. No matter your business or industry, you need the right people – and that includes your temporary and contract staff.

At Sherpa, we have years of experience matching high-caliber candidates with local companies. We’ve built strong relationships with a diverse, skilled network of accounting professionals with whom we have worked for many busy seasons. And because we have multiple associates on staff who previously worked for Big 4 firms and in industry, our team knows what it takes to successfully meet the grueling demands of busy season. As a former controller, I know first-hand the time and resources needed to find the right accountant.

You don’t have to face busy season alone. If you have questions or are interested in leveraging our expertise in the accounting and/or finance markets, contact us today.

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