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If You Want to Hire the Best , Consider a Veteran.

Posted on: November 13, 2017

Categories: Featured | Hiring

By Greg Whitesell, Marketing Director

“What do companies today look for when they hire employees?”  A quick Googling of this phrase and one can quickly assemble a list of key qualities that hiring managers value in candidates.  Integrity, intelligence, adaptability, loyalty, self-confidence, problem solving, professionalism – these all rank high and are repeated across multiple articles on the subject.  Finding candidates who index high on each of the values can seem challenging, especially in a tight labor market.  However, there is a pool of candidates that fit the bill – veterans.  Veterans tend to be highly dependable, trainable, dedicated and persistent, too! 

Regardless of branch, the US Military invests significant time, money and resources in training the men and women who serve.  Take a look at the Army’s 10-week Basic Training program, for example.  From week 1, recruits begin learning and following rules, regulations and processes.  By week 2, recruits learn to take direction from their Sergeant and learn key skills in the field (like reading maps, first aid) helping them acquire knowledge to keep them cool under pressure.  By week 10, recruits have fine-tuned both their mental and physical fitness, learned how to function as a member of a team, engaged in multiple critical-thinking and decision-making exercises, gained confidence in their abilities and most of all – they’ve learned how to win.  Other branches initiate similar trainings, delivering the same results for their personnel as well.  And that’s just the beginning.  Throughout their service, enlisted personnel receive extensive, hands-on training in the areas in which they will specialize.  These areas are diverse, but typically include skills such as:


Order and organization are important in a military setting.  These soldiers maintain critical information such as personnel files, equipment management, funding and more.  In this focus area, service people work in roles that include accounting, finance, legal affairs and supply chain.  It’s easy to see how the skills they acquire can transfer to a business setting.

Science, Engineering, Technical

Our military prides itself on innovation and technological advancement.  To stay on the cutting edge, we depend on the men and women in uniform to learn how to operate technical tools, collect and interpret data, and solve complicated problems.  From IT Specialists who manage computer systems and networks to Intelligence personnel who gather and evaluate data to prepare reports for operations, these professionals learn highly transferrable skills that can be an asset to a civilian workplace.

Human Resources

Since our military is volunteer based, some service people specialize in training and recruiting.  Military recruiters provide information about military careers, including pay, benefits and military life to potential recruits.  Other HR specialists focus on roles in training and development.  Military professionals who specialize in HR are often uniquely qualified to step into a civilian setting and add immediate value.

We’ve touched on just a few of the areas where it’s easy to see how a veteran can quickly transition into a civilian role and immediately add value.  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Given the diverse and in-depth nature of military training, veterans are equipped with unique skill sets that enable them to adapt and gain new skills at an accelerated rate – so just because veterans’ resumes may not contain the exact skills or terminology for your job opening, they might still be the right fit.  Military talent expert Amanda Veinott stated in a recent podcast “When you’re considering hiring a veteran, you’re considering hiring one of the most highly trained individuals in the world.”  With their broad and extensive training, coupled with the real-world (and often high stress) experiences military personnel are faced with, it’s easy to see how and why they acquire the attributes we mentioned earlier – and it’s even easier to see why employers should consider hiring a veteran.

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