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The ROI of Using Staffing Firms

Posted on: June 7, 2015

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ROI of Using Staffing FirmsThere never seem to be enough hours in the day to get things done. Deadlines are never ending, paperwork piles up, and suddenly you’re in need of a new worker. Using staffing firms can be the solution to your employment needs — saving you both time and energy.

If your knee-jerk reaction to using staffing firms is that doing so will be expensive, or the fees aren’t worth it, think again. We’re here today to show you how using staffing firms can be a smart return on investment, saving not only time and energy, but providing flexibility, helping avoid a bad hire, and offering a range of talent.

Saves time and energy

Hiring a new worker can be a time drain when it comes to soliciting and reviewing resumes, conducting phone and in-person interviews, and wading through the choices. Using staffing firms frees you from those hassles. A staffing firm will do all the leg work for you, after collaborating with you to find out exactly what you’re looking for. With little work on your part, you’ll be presented with the best candidates for the job. The advantages of using Sherpa are countless.

Saves money

One of the best parts of using staffing firms is the employees are on the firm’s payroll, not yours. The worker does report to you, and is paid a set rate. However, the staffing firm handles the actual payment, and any taxes, benefits, and insurance needed. You could also save by not having to pay your existing workers overtime to get the extra work done while you slogged through the hiring process.

Gives you flexibility

It’s rare that you’ll be able to find a qualified employee with the snap of your fingers. And chances are, you’ll need someone that quickly. You didn’t get much — if any — notice when a worker leaves, goes on maternity or medical leave, or needs extended time off for a family emergency. By using staffing firms, you can quickly get a candidate to fill that sudden void. The opposite is also true — if your workforce needs change, you’ll have the flexibility to stop using staffing firm workers without having to lay anyone off.

Can avoid a bad hire

If you consider all it takes to find a new employee — from resume reading to interviews — not finding the right candidate can be a real disappointment. Not only do you lose the time it takes to conduct another search, it can be costly to on-board a new hire — and then another if it comes to that. Using staffing firms means if a worker doesn’t pan out, a substitute can quickly be found. Staffing firms are also in touch regularly, and seek feedback, about how their workers are faring.

Offers a deep talent pool

Using staffing firms mean you’ll have a variety of industry-specific workers to choose from, as firms are constantly finding and cultivating sharp, skill-specific candidates. Sherpa’s staffing strategy is next to none. Using a staffing agency also means you avoid having to compete with other companies on what you offer for salary and benefits. Staffing firms also provide the benefit of drawing in passive job seekers who your job search may not attract.

Learn more about what using a staffing agency can do for you. Contact us at Sherpa today!

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