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Cover Letters – Are They Still Relevant?

Job Search

The days of printing out cover letters and resumes on fancy paper, sticking them in the mail, and hoping to hear back are gone. In the electronic age, many employers ask job seekers to apply for jobs online. So, are cover letters still important in this day and age? They are. And cover letters can […]

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5 Tricks to Take the FEAR Out of Your Next Interview!

Career Advice | Interviewing

Landing a face to face interview can be an exciting and scary accomplishment. OK…perhaps more nerve wracking than scary, but since it’s almost Halloween, let’s go with scary. The idea of presenting yourself before one, two or a panel of people and selling them on why you’re (shameless Halloween analogy) the right pumpkin to pick […]

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How to Choose Warm-Weather Interview Attire

Career Advice | Uncategorized

Wouldn’t it be nice if every job interview fell on a cool, dry Carolina day? Unfortunately, the reality is that summer can bring some humid, muggy, and downright miserable weather. So how do you dress to impress in interview attire when it’s so warm out? It is possible to stay cool while looking professional. Don’t […]

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Finding Your Next Opportunity Doesn’t Have to be Scary

Career Advice

Spooked by the idea of looking for a new opportunity?  You aren’t alone.  The 2013 Job Interview Anxiety Survey conducted by Harris Interactive for Everest College found that 92% of American’s fear some part of the job search process.  From not being qualified to not being prepared to simply being nervous, the list of job […]

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