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Six Tips for Improving Your Candidate Experience to Attract Top Talent


By Tracy Chandonnet, Manager of Organizational Development & Greg Whitesell, Marketing Director Since 2012, unemployment has taken a steady dive across the nation.  The Charlotte region is no exception, falling from 7.2% in April 2012 to 4.9% presently according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  That percentage is even lower for degreed professionals.  For employers, […]

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From Recession to Progression – A Wild Ride to 2017 for Employers

Featured | Hiring | Staffing

By Melissa McGuire, Managing Director To quote Isaac Newton, what goes up must come down. Although Newton wasn’t referring to unemployment, in this case, we can make the analogy work since our local unemployment rate, as of August, finally dipped down to 4.6 percent for the first time since the Great Recession of ‘07.   […]

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How to Keep Employees Happy…and Productive

Employee Satisfaction

Frequent employee turnover can cost your company both time and money. Is there a way to avoid the constant need for hiring? The simple answer is: yes. By focusing on employee satisfaction, providing a healthy workplace, and more, you can prevent your place of business from becoming a revolving door for employees. Employees who are […]

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Counter Offers – To Accept or Not Accept…That is the Question

Job Search

You’ve decided to leave your job. Whether you’re leaving because you feel your career trajectory has stalled, you’re displeased with the working environment, or have landed a loftier position with another company—congrats! Inform your current employer, and move on. Don’t be tempted to accept counter offers. Maybe you had every intention of moving on to […]

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Hiring in the Age of the Talent Shortage

Human Resources

You’re an employer with a job, or jobs, to fill, but your searches for the perfect human resources candidates keep hitting a dead end. You may be getting few applicants for your job openings, or the applicants you’re getting lack the experience or skills you desire for employment. Welcome to hiring in the age of […]

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