Face to Face Guidelines

Tips to help you make the most out of each meeting.

The face to face interview is a crucial step for a job seeker. As such, it is important to know how to get the interview started off on the right foot. The following guidelines will help you set the stage for a successful face to face:

  • Know the company. Regardless of whether you have completed a phone interview prior to the face to face meeting, make certain that you are up to speed on your knowledge of the company. The company website and Google are great places to learn details about ownership, annual sales revenue, principal lines of business, and the nature and scope of local operations.
  • Look your best. Even if the company is business casual, dress professionally for the first interview, unless you are specifically told to come business casual. Polish your shoes, wear tailored and pressed clothing that is conservative yet current, and moderate your use of cosmetics, fragrance and jewelry. Blue or black two-piece suits are the safest bets. Bright and multi-colored clothing may tend to detract from the substance of your interview.
  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes early. Ask where to park when arranging the interview.
  • Know the essentials. These include the exact time and place of the meeting, the full name and title of the interviewer and the correct pronunciation of his or her name.
  • Review your own resume. You can expect several specific questions about what you've done in each position. Bring copies of your resume and a list of business references.
  • Focus on good verbal and non-verbal communication. Greet the interviewer with confidence. Use attentive posture, good eye contact, a firm handshake, an engaging smile and keep the conversation flowing.