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A growing number of employers offer contract or temporary positions to augment their staffs and streamline their permanent headcount.  According to the Department of Labor, 12.5% of the workforce is comprised of contract workers.  This equates to millions of individuals who earn their paychecks in roles that are suited to their specific employment needs. Without these critical resources, companies would find it extremely difficult to meet their talent demands and function efficiently. For employees, the temporary employee benefits are tangible. Job seekers, if you’ve been presented with, or are considering, a contract or temporary role, you’ll want to ponder the following:

  • Contract workers employed through Sherpa can qualify for comprehensive group health insurance and our 401k retirement plan!
  • You can perform critical and challenging work. Assignments are matched to your skill level, so the work can be varied and interesting.
  • The pay is competitive. Companies pay well for expertise in a specific areas, especially in times of crucial transitions or heavy workloads.
  • Opportunities are often immediate. Assignments are frequently created because of an unexpected deadline or project the full-time staff simply cannot handle. If you want to start working right away, a contract or temporary job can be ideal.
  • It’s a great way to re-enter the job market.  Contract and temporary roles allow you to ease back into the job market and gain new experience.
  • For those considering a career transition, contract opportunities can provide a means for “testing the waters” for new roles.
  • Sometimes a temporary role may transition to full time.  Being a temporary employee gives you the benefit of getting to know the company and its culture and the company also learns about you.  This enables you and your employer to work together before making a long-term commitment.
  • Many contract professionals are hired after their initial assignment.  It’s a fact. Temporary and contract assignments offer a great way to get a foot in the door for a potential direct-hire role at a top employer.
  • Greater flexibility is sometimes an advantage to contract work – particularly in terms of setting work schedules, telecommuting and other factors.
  • It presents you with learning opportunities.  Contract roles are great for on the job training, especially when they involve responsibilities, technologies or industries that are new to the employee.  This can help strengthen your resume and make you more marketable to other companies.
  • You will meet new people, thus enabling you to build out your professional network and potential reference base.
  • Working a contract assignment while looking for a permanent position allows you to maintain your objectivity about those permanent positions.

It’s true that there are advantages to agency partnership.  For more information, contact us today!

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