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Hiring in the Age of the Talent Shortage

Posted on: July 20, 2016

Category: Human Resources

hiring talentYou’re an employer with a job, or jobs, to fill, but your searches for the perfect human resources candidates keep hitting a dead end. You may be getting few applicants for your job openings, or the applicants you’re getting lack the experience or skills you desire for employment. Welcome to hiring in the age of the talent shortage.

What can you do to find the right workers for your open human resources roles? You’ll want to know, because there is currently a shortage of educated HR professionals. But don’t worry: there are steps you can take to attract and retain the talent you need for employment.

Remember, you get to interview job applicants, but they’re interviewing you, too. And, they could be (and likely, are) interviewing with other companies. Here are three ways you can keep pace with the competition and land top human resources talent.

  1. Offer flexibility
    More workplaces are offering flexible work hours and work places for their staff. There’s a benefit to allowing your human resources workers to make the schedule they need, so they can run to a doctor’s appointment during the day, or be home from work in time for their child’s soccer game.
  2. Offering flexible hours when hiring is a great way to attract talented workers who want a find employment at a company with a good work-life balance.

    Another way to attract top talent is to allow employees to complete hours or tasks away from the office. When hiring, considering whether the position lends itself to a partial work-from-home option. Saving an employee a long commute in both directions certain days could make a candidate choose your human resources job over another.

    When interviewing, consider the 9 most common interview issues. Then learn how not to make them.

  3. Promote learning
    One surefire way of making sure your talent pool stays deep is through educating your current workforce. Offer opportunities for human resources employees to take a course, learn a new skill, or otherwise engage in educational activities that will enhance their skill set and employment.

    Not only will you end up growing the talent you already have, you’ll attract the type of job candidate who is looking to work hard, further him- or herself, and learn more in order to succeed.

    When hiring, ask candidates for their thoughts on on-the-job training, extra educational opportunities, and more. It can give you valuable insight into whether someone is looking to simply collect a paycheck each month, or really desires to contribute to your company’s future.

  4. Amp up company culture
    Having a strong company culture can help you attract the type of human resources workers who are motivated, innovative, and excited to be part of your company. Do so by:
    • Promoting teamwork and a team atmosphere
    • Asking for, and giving, feedback regularly
    • Communicating your company’s core values
    • Rewarding and promoting workers
    • Being transparent and giving workers a voice
  5. Injecting some fun into your workplace can also help your company be somewhere people are excited to work. Consider casual dress days, monthly lunch gatherings, or quarterly field trips to reward workers. Doing so just might help your hiring and employment needs!


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