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How to Best Communicate with Your Recruiter

Posted on: January 5, 2016

Category: Hiring

Bolster Your Job Search With Strong Communication

If you’re in the midst of a job search, you’re likely trying to make the best impression possible every time you’re in communication with a recruiter or human resources manager. But are you on the right track? Let’s go over some strategies to establish connections, build rapport, and foster good, detailed communication with your recruiter.

After all, a first impression (and a second, and a third) is important when it comes to communication with a recruiter. You don’t want to be the job search candidate who pesters a recruiter every five minutes, but you also don’t want to be a voiceless candidate lost in a pile of resumes.

The key is having good communication with your recruiter. It can make all the difference between a successful job search and a stagnant one. Read on to learn more about how to best communicate with your recruiter.

1) Establish a connection

Put yourselves in the shoes of a recruiter for a moment. He or she likely receives hundreds of resumes, and all kinds of communication, for every open position they are looking to fill. How to you stand out from the crowd, without crossing the line and becoming an annoyance?

First off, connect with the recruiter on social media. Recruiters are often on social media, looking for and connecting with job search candidates. If you see a recruiter has a presence on multiple social media sites, however, don’t bombard him or her with messages or connection requests on all sites. Choose one platform to establish a relationship on.

2) Build Rapport

Once you’ve established a connection with a recruiter, it’s time to build rapport. This begins with good communication efforts, and effectively breaking the ice. When possible, look for common interests, organizations, schools, or other areas that you share with the recruiter.

Did you attend the same school? Are you both a member of a sports team or animal rights organization? Finding common ground is a great way to build rapport with a recruiter. Check social media for any areas that might provide a connection. If you can’t find anything in common, don’t make it up. Lying or stretching the truth will likely burn you in the end.

When you communicate with the recruiter, mention your common interest, if you have one. Don’t be overly enthusiastic or come on too strong, but mention you noticed a common interest, and then move on.

3) Pay attention to the details

As a job search candidate, it’s your duty to stay on top of the details. This means spelling a recruiter’s name and business name right, contacting the right recruiter about a job you’re interested in, and knowing what you’re looking for in a job.

When you find a job you’re interested in, take some time to evaluate the qualifications and job requirements. Are you a good fit? Or is the job a shot in the dark? If you aren’t qualified for a job, save yourself and the recruiter the time, and move on to a job opening you possess the right skills for.

When you find a job opening that seems like the right fit, be specific in your communication with the recruiter about why you are a strong candidate for the role, and which parts of the job your experience matches. Demonstrating that you understand the job opening, and have the experience the recruiter is looking for, will take you a long way in your job search.

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