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What Millennials Look for in an Employer, and Why You Should Care

Human Resources

By Greg Whitesell, Marketing Director Much has been written about the rise of millennials (born 1981-1997) in the workforce, and you’ve likely noticed their numbers increasing at your office.  In fact, according to Pew Research, as of 2015 this group surpassed Gen-X’ers to become the largest generation group in the working population.  Roughly 1 in […]

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The Employee Experience: 3 Keys to Retaining Top Talent

Employee Satisfaction | Featured | Hiring | Human Resources

By Barry Pronier, Managing Director If you’re an employer, odds are that one of the biggest challenges you’re facing in 2017 is employee retention. With unemployment dipping as low as 4.6 percent in recent months and currently sitting at 4.9 percent, the market is ripe for employees to explore new opportunities.  They’re taking full advantage. […]

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Hiring in the Age of the Talent Shortage

Human Resources

You’re an employer with a job, or jobs, to fill, but your searches for the perfect human resources candidates keep hitting a dead end. You may be getting few applicants for your job openings, or the applicants you’re getting lack the experience or skills you desire for employment. Welcome to hiring in the age of […]

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